ldm threshold reached in DPM


The Issue started with the ldm threshold reached and we had to delete all the protection group and recreate then.

Due to this mass deletion of protection group. The pressure on the garbae collection job mounted as it had to delete lot of objects from sql database.

Now whenever the garbage collection job ran it increased the size of the tempdb which would consume almost all the space on the drive.

In order to find what query the garbage collection gets stuck we used this script.


the result Was:


Ran the garbage collection job along with this script and waited for tempdb to grow abnormally.

We got following output from the powershell script.


to fix the issue :


A huge credit to Abhishek   from the DPM Support Team

this is just a snapshots , from the resolution , if you get this error , don’t try to run the query on your own, i really recommend to contact MSFT support

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