CSMCollector service becomes inactive and doesn’t process requests after enabling 32-bit applications in “OperationsManagerCsmCollector v4.0” app pool configuration

We have been working with ViaCode to deploy our APM monitoring, we have notice a strange behavior dealing with CSM monitoring implementation

As you know on 64-bit boxes in app pool configuration you can check to “Enable 32-Bit Applications” option. Say, for some reasons I had to enable it for CSMCollector app pool (“OperationsManagerCsmCollector v4.0”):



Having done this I noticed that I started missing CSM data. Albeit the web application pages are injected with uX scripts, the requests are sent to CSMCollector (I can check this with Fiddler), but I get no client-side events and statistics received at all.

I enabled APM trace log on affected server and got plenty of “CSMCollector ServiceManager is not active” errors like below:

Agent version: 7.0.5000.0
.NET Framework: v4.0.30319.269
ProcessID: 30488; InstanceID: 0;
InstanceName: w3wp.exe;
ApplicationPool: OperationsManagerCsmCollector v4.0;
Full Domain name: /LM/W3SVC/8/ROOT/CSMCollector-1-129917338260256050;

[0]30488.21608::09/10/2012-02:57:03.248 [Agent.CSMCollectorService] []
[Error] :CsmCollectorService.ProcessCsmEvent{csmcollectorservice_cs257}( 015DF0E0 )CSMCollector ServiceManager is not active.
[8]30488.1648::09/10/2012-02:58:34.369 [Agent.CSMCollectorService] []
[Error] :CsmCollectorService.ProcessCsmEvent{csmcollectorservice_cs257}( 020CF7FB )CSMCollector ServiceManager is not active.


When you enable 32-bit applications on the pool, it might start looking for CSMCollector keys in 32-bit branch and cannot find it there, while actually it’s registered in 64-bit registry path.

as MVP I have contacted Microsoft , and we filed up a bug.

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