Accessibility Features of DPM Help

To do this Use this keyboard shortcut

Display the Help window.


Switch the cursor between the Help topic pane and the navigation pane (tabs such as Contents, Search, and Index).


Change between tabs (for example, Contents, Search, and Index) while in the navigation pane.

ALT + Underlined letter of the tab

Select the next hidden text or hyperlink.


Select the previous hidden text or hyperlink.


Perform the action for the selected Show All, Hide All, hidden text, or hyperlink.


Display the Options menu to access any Help toolbar command.


Hide or show the pane containing the Contents, Search, and Index tabs.

ALT+O, and then press T

Display the previously viewed topic.

ALT+O, and then press B

Display the next topic in a previously displayed sequence of topics.

ALT+O, and then press F

Return to the specified home page.

ALT+O, and then press H

Stop the Help window from opening a Help topic (useful if you want to stop a Web page from downloading).

ALT+O, and then press S

Open the Internet Options dialog box for Windows Internet Explorer, where you can change accessibility settings.

ALT+O, and then press I

Refresh the topic (useful if you have linked to a Web page).

ALT+O, and then press R

Print all topics in a book or a selected topic only.

ALT+O, and then press P

Close the Help window.


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